Timelapse shows how thousands of icicles turn into a frozen fortress

Each year in a handful of cities across America, a team of artists turn 20 million pounds of frozen water into incredible ice castles straight out of a Disney film. Now, for the first time ever, you can watch the the painstakingly-created winter wonderland come together in one of the most amazing timelapses you've… » 2/10/15 10:44am 2/10/15 10:44am

Hiker discovers abandoned town in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Sometimes it's easy to take for granted how much land there is in America. Sure, it's harder and harder to find places that haven't been explored, but it's also become easier to forget places that we've already been. Kind of like the entire friggin' town in the middle of Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains National Park. » 10/03/14 12:02pm 10/03/14 12:02pm

Researchers finally discover, plan to open Dracula's grave. We're all…

Stock up on garlic and holy water, because Estonian researchers think that they've discovered the final resting place of the world's most famous vampire... and they're asking permission to crack open the tomb. GREAT IDEA, GUYS! » 6/13/14 7:06pm 6/13/14 7:06pm

Harvard discovers two of its library books are bound in human flesh

There's something undeniably creepy about big, expansive libraries. The hushed whispers, the almost artificial quiet, and the smell of dusty tomes combine to create a surreal experience. But when it comes to creepy libraries, Harvard University might take the cake... you see, at least two of its books are bound in… » 4/02/14 11:23am 4/02/14 11:23am

Seattle's "haunted vending machine" is creeping everyone out

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the world's most enduring mysteries. Sasquatch, D.B. Cooper, and a bottomless pit with supernatural powers all call Washington home, but one of the weirdest unsolved enigmas is that of Seattle's "haunted vending machine". It's a strange case that's been mystifying curious… » 3/26/14 11:06pm 3/26/14 11:06pm

Meet the folk heroine who left her mark on the face of gentrification

In the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, there's a shopping complex with a strange hole in the center of the building. Inside that gap sits a tiny house with an amazing story that some say inspired Pixar's UP, and became a symbol of community pride. » 3/13/14 5:31pm 3/13/14 5:31pm

Get this: a secret subterranean home might exist under New York City

For anyone who's ever dreamed of having their own Batcave or Ninja Turtle-inspired underground lair, you might do well to grab a shovel and head to Queens, because it turns out that there's probably an insane abandoned mansion buried under a soccer field.. and everyone forgot about it. Well, almost everyone. » 2/24/14 1:23pm 2/24/14 1:23pm

Is Pennsylvania's Amityville Horror a True Haunting or a Tourist Trap?

Last year, a house in the small city of Wilkes-Barre, PA went up for sale, a steal at $28k, but with one caveat: it was "extremely" haunted, the owners said. Now, the new owners of this "authentic haunted house" say that reality TV "ghost hunters" have declared it the real deal...but actual paranormal investigators… » 2/19/14 9:51am 2/19/14 9:51am